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well, sir, I suppose that's why I take these photographs

After my second departure from The Attic, I decided to take the bus rather than walk all that way for the third time in a day. The closest bus stop is on the corner where a soot-stained church, now a cafe, functions as a sort of neighborhood community center. I started taking shots of seed pods in the brown garden to pass the minutes, and as I looked up, intending to search for another interesting spiky thing, I found there was an elderly man standing on the step above me, calmly smoking a cigarette. The wind had carried the smoke away and I was not wearing my hearing aid, so I had been unaware of his approach. He seemed to have been watching me for some time, and when he saw he had my attention, he spoke to me. I was unable to decipher his words, so he had to repeat himself. He asked me, "You don't see things the way most other people see them, do you?"

I was startled by this turn of conversation, for if people pay me any attention at all, it is usually with a "What're you doin'?" or a raised eyebrow. Though this would have been an excellent occasion to speak eloquently, my brain went into "d'rhurhurhur" mode, and I merely agreed. "That's right," I said.

"That's great," he continued, "how you can see beauty in things most people can't. I wish I could see what you see."

Win-ring Win-ring Win-ring

This was nailed to a tree. Since the apartment building on the property was very boring, I like to think that the dude lived in a treehouse which has since disappeared.
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