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I had a burst of energy earlier, but it's leaving me with remarkable speed, and I'm back to having trouble keeping my eyes open. Bleary, bleary. They should make "bleary" an LJ mood, I know I'd sure use it. Maybe I should invest in some Mountain Dew?

Anyway, right now I'm supposed to be at the library, doing vital research for my full 12-page draft that's due tomorrow. I'm not. You see, I got pissed and left when I could only find a few of the sources that the damn library (the damn state, even) had in hand, and those precious few were either on microfilm which I don't know how to use, or not the particular volumes I needed, and when I sought out a research librarian for help, I found that no research librarian was there, despite the sign saying that they would be there from six to ten.

I have a meeting at ten. It will go for at least two hours, I'm sure. Where the heck is the paper we're supposed to be discussing? It should have been distributed today, but I haven't found a copy yet. I need to look for that. -_-

I have PoliSci homework.

I have other things to do, too. -_-

I guess I should go back to the library eventually. I'd like the frickin' library if it actually had anything that I wanted in it. Ugh.

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