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06 January 2007 @ 08:31 pm
How can you give me a second chance when you never let me have the first?  
Note to self: when you sit down to read and wake up on the floor two hours later, it is likely a sign you need to sleep more. Also, oooh my, I'm beginning to have nightmares about costumes again, which probably means I should actually start on them instead of staring at the fabric and hoping they assemble themselves!

In good news, Paul's fever has broken, so he is doing much better. My niece was born screaming and sticking her tongue out at people, which bodes well, I think.

In bad news, the transit system here is about to break down again, and in an attempt to save what they can, they are seriously planning on cutting over one hundred routes, effective by June. The Airport Flyer is one of the lines scheduled to end. There are no overlapping buses that I know of, so since I use that to get to the airport, JoAnn's and the mall, I'm in a bit of a fix. In addition, the rate for a monthly pass is anticipated to increase to seventy-five or ninety-five (!!!) dollars. I suppose it's well that I finally decided to learn how to drive, as this developing situation indicates I should step up the speed of that process. I do not enjoy driving at all, but I guess I will become accustomed to it.

All I am to you is a number, a paper trail; all you are is a bit player in a system out of your control.

I have to make my own good fortune.
Current Mood: groggygroggy
Current Music: Delerium - 'til the end of time