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02 May 2002 @ 08:25 am
Mmrgh ... I couldn't decide last night whether I'd be more screwed up today if I had no sleep or two hours of sleep, so I opted for the latter and now I wish it were possible for me to skip classes to take a nap. (Before you ask, no, it is not possible, and no, I wouldn't skip even if I could.)

I overslept this morning, and waking up was not a pleasant experience. It never is, but this time I guess I slept in some really bizarre manner, because my left hip joint hurt like mad and my entire leg was so asleep, I had to stop "walking" (it was probably more like limping) towards the door and grab hold of a chair in order to stay upright. It feels mostly better by now, but the entire experience was painful and pretty weird.

Oh, and I still hate the library, muchly. I went back last night and then got fed up again and releft it, then had to go back around 11:30 something. Would you believe that they lied to me? lol. The system said that "oh, we definitely have the April/May issue of National Parks," but a search proved that they had the February/March and June/July issues. I asked them if it hadn't been reshelved yet, but they never remembered to look. I needed the March 1985 issue of EPA Journal, as well as a random issue from 1983. "Oh, we have it," the system assured me, but after a damn long search (the library's got a funky way of organizing things), it turns out that their collection only goes back as far as September 1985. Blah.

I suppose I should get dressed and go to breakfast ...

I like the movie Harvey. It has James Stewart and a very large, very tall white rabbit. Watch.
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