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Attempting to fit a stretchy garment while the straight pins are in is a big dose of ow. Oh, the poking! Oh, the scratches! This is going to be one of the most messed up bodysuits on record, I think, mostly because I don't quite know what I'm doing. I'm just making things up as I go along! I borrowed the top piece of a leotard pattern, took the leg off an old unitard, got a sleeve from someplace else, and dug my old Leaf bootcovers out of the box they were in (they still bear the stains of Baltihell, though they were most thoroughly washed). I'm debating whether or not to open up this glove pattern and add that, or just fudge something for my hands. I'm a little concerned about the end product not being long enough in the waist, but then again, I don't exactly know how I'm putting that part together yet, so ... it may well work out! (Plus if all else fails, the outfit covering the bodysuit is such I can cut the suit into a separate top and a bottom.)

At least I'm making a draft of sorts out of pieces of spandex, because now I know that the stretchiest way needs to go across, not up and down. I think. OW! Hahaha! I'm glad nobody is here to see me doing this to myself. Maybe if you put the pins in the other way, genius!


The other day, silvermask and I were discussing potential reasons why neither of us can seem to finish FFXII. One factor is competition between us to complete all the Marks, even the ridiculously difficult Elite ones, where the boss can fry your entire party in one shot. (Anyone want to take bets as to when my patience with this task will give out? After all, I never wasted my time on the similar Monster Arena in FFX.) Another possibility is the lack of Wiis in our lives. If we had Twilight Princess, there's no way in hell either of us Zelda fanatics would we be wasting our time learning that Behemoth King ignores Reflect while Fafnir doesn't! We would be fishing. That's right.

On my part, I've played the game for so many hours, I've gotten to a point where I don't quite care about the storyline anymore, and so I feel very little emotional push to complete it. I really only want to complete the License Board, which requires leveling so that I am strong enough to obtain Ultima and Zodiark (Zodiark would have been mine if I had gotten that Quickening off before it became immune to damage!). I like Ashe and Balthier, but I am not as attached to them as I am to Vayne and Larsa, one of whom (I bet you can't guess who) is almost certainly contractually bound to fight us, and therefore doomed to die quite painfully, because my primary party is currently level 78/77/77 and will be going higher.

Besides, I have officially broken my sole PS2 controller somehow, as the directional pad is mostly stuck on up. This simple problem makes it impossible to play anything on my PS2. My theory is the controller either needs to be cleaned out because it did go to college and Dimensions Gaming Nights (and therefore, there's hope for it after all), or it's simply been dropped one too many times (and there's nothing I can do about it but purchase another). I'm banking on the former, so I'm going to try to fix it. I've never actually opened a controller before, but there's a first time for everything, right? I just have to find a small screwdriver ...


One of the things I love about Animal Crossing: Wild World is how you can interact with many of the items you put in your home. You can turn faucets on and off, for example, the hamster runs on its wheel, and almost all of the music players are animated one way or another. My new favorite is the Master Sword. When you touch it, it makes the "You just got a [insert cool item here]!" fanfare from the Zelda games. That earns a "Hell yes!" from me.
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