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19 January 2007 @ 09:50 pm
Certain materials and items are not arriving in a timely manner, and Sensory Deprivation is not a costume I wish to stress out over or rush on, so it will not be complete for Katsucon. I'm not going to worry or fuss with this one unless absolutely necessary, you know? It will possibly be complete by Tekkoshocon, and definitely by A-Cen.

Since this is the case, I will finish Rin's pseudo-obi. (Once I find the pile I put it in, that is ...) I do want to wear something new, but I can't spend a ton of money at this point. This brings into play the conditions of 1.) already owning most of the necessary fabric, and 2.) already owning the wig. The easiest answer is Ragnarok Online! What other game has outfits where you can change colors willy-nilly and no one will think twice about it? (Too bad clothing dye never came into play on iRO.)

My RO To-Do List
Crusader: Specifically, Parsley, complete with frying pan heraldry. That's so not going to happen in this timeframe!
Alchemist: Also not going to happen, as it fails to meet the two conditions.
Dancer: A glorified bikini in February? Even with all this global warming business, I think I'm going to have to say "no thank you!"
Rogue: No fur, no time.
High Priestess: I've got some red material, and there's some white sitting over there ... bingo! I never had a high priestess in game, but there's no doubt that if I could have ever stopped remaking Starfield, she would've been one! I kind of prefer the hiking boots from the first sprite draft from way back when the Transcendant classes were just a dream, but I can't find the image now that so many years have passed. We'll see what I can find in real life. I don't have a long pink wig, but I do have the light brown one I used for Pera, so we'll go with that.

Plus, I can use my Puppy Love and Fancy Flower again! They've been so sadly neglected.

[Edit: It has been almost a year to the date since I lost my copy of Last Blood. I purchased a new one a month ago. This must be why I just found the dang original.]
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