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There is something completely surreal about finding a man, kilt and all, walking around playing bagpipes in the grocery store. What was he doing there? Why was he serenading customers as he marched amongst the broccoli and artichokes? Did he choose that tune for a particular reason when he strolled past the deli meats counter? What dill pickle applauded his skill?


Lenaburg, Middle of Nowhere There are no words for what Bob did to Ziti. He challenged her to a fishing contest, a test of rarity. This of itself was no biggie as Ziti is, after all, the closest thing to an actual Bass Master that Lenaburg has ever seen. But when Ziti displayed her finny contestant, he responded, "Unfortunately, it just can't compete with my coelacanth!"

The coelacanth is one of the, if not the actual rarest fish in the game, and it can only be caught in the evening when rain or snow falls from the skies (which they weren't when the contest came up). It is one of three specimens that I need to catch so that I may complete that section of the museum and receive a Golden fishing rod for being the most awesome angler ever to grace Lenaburg's shores. My love for Bob is over. Done. Kaput. The fat lady has not just had her chance to sing, she belted out gospel and went for a sandwich afterwards, and I can never look at that purple Lazy cat the same way ever again. Yeah, we had good times with capes, apples and long starlit chats about food, but that's all over now. Just give me your picture and leave town. I promise I won't tell anyone about your strange penchant for collecting lovely furniture because it would make your place look like "a superhero's lair."
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