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Unattractive Multipurpose Post: Twilight Princess, D.C. Photography, A Katsucon Cosplay, Doodletime

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
abiona: OMFG
abiona: OMFG
abiona: OMFG
abiona: WTF
silvermask: HAHA I know
abiona: HELL NO HERE ARE A [Expletive!] BAKER'S DOZEN
silvermask: it's like

Since I did not purchase anything in the Dealer's Room at Katsucon, I used the funds to obtain the Gamecube version of Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I am approximately ten hours into the game, and have just cleared the Death Mountain mines. Strangely enough, I am still making up my mind how I feel about this installment overall.

The Bad: Graphics
I am not sure why semi-realism is such a requirement for any 3D game. What we have here in Twilight Princess is part Ocarina of Time and part Guild Wars, an almost overwhelming amount of soft, "effervescent light" that results in Link frequently suffering from a case of Internet Disease. The sky and the ominous look of the Twilight are lovely, but after the crisp Cel-da look in Wind Waker, TP mostly comes off as boring.

The opening, with Link cantering across Hyrule Field at the edge of day in a manner similar to OoT, does not move me in the least, as it seems texturally vacant and last-minute. Where's the life to it? It does not really communicate the ominous nature of the game. In contrast, I really loved one of the openings to Majora's Mask, which brought home the feeling of a vibrant community under dark threat.

Link looks attractive enough, though, and the children translate into the stylization very well (the one who looks like a Kewpie doll freaks me out). Sadly, many adult figures have faces that come across as awkward and hard to believe. The poor poor Postman! Is there plastic surgery in Hyrule? How else can one explain his features?

Midna, being more on the creepy side with less attachment to "normal," suits my tastes better.

The Bad: The Damn Monkeys
I almost did not complete the first Temple because the monkeys would not shut the hell up, and their endless chatter irritated the bejeezus out of me! Okay, I saved the spirit monkey, fine. Okay, that monkey stole my lantern, oh, she's trying to help. Cute, I get it, fine. I've got two monkeys following me around the dungeon and squeaking the entire time they do? Not so fine. Having to save all the damn monkeys? Hell no! I'd have left them in the cells had I not needed them to cross to the Boss Chamber!

The Iffy: Epona
Oh my. Epona is huge in TP, and though Link handles the reins with more realism, she still drives like a bus.

The On-the-Fence: The System
I believe TP borrows many game mechanics from WW, but to have only two item buttons is sheer cruelty! Link's Wolf form is kind of cool (I have senses! I can dig!) but also a bit unwieldy (why do the hidden skills, such as Final Blow, not translate into tooth and fang?).

The Good: Music
The open song, while on the predictable side, makes me feel melancholy and yet strangely dramatic, as though I could leap off a cliff and come up alive on the other side of the world!

The Good: Characters (and so far, the story)
I have always really liked when the series leaned towards the darker side of things, and TP is proving itself well in that regard. I get the chills whenever I enter a new area and find people in their spirit forms. To see them shivering and reliving their last moment before the Twilight ... it is what makes having to repeatedly retrieve Tears of Light worth it.

The Good: Sniping
If you think you're going to shoot fire arrows at me, you have another thing coming.

Katsucon: D.C. Photography and Cosplay
As 99% of people I know had the best Katsucon they ever had, it seems a little weird to admit that I didn't. It was far from bad, and there were many moments I enjoyed, but it did not stand out among cons to me. Despite not being in costume, I only took a grand total of three cosplay pictures, and of those, this is the one that turned out.

I usually don't leave the con center unless I am foraging for food or heading home, but I decided to cross the bridge and see how far I got before hunger got to me. Out of approximately thirty shots, four survived the first pick.

D.C. D.C. D.C. D.C.

Finally, I completed a doodle as practice for some future drawings. Although you can no longer tell, I did intend to work on feet with this ...

Oh Shit!  A Summon!
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