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14 March 2007 @ 09:55 pm
a minute too soon  
My distance vision had deteriorated a bit since I last had my eyeballs calibrated, so my prescription was upped "a bit" (in both strength and price) to compensate. There are always the few days where I must grow accustomed to the change, but even so, I have noticed that I seem to have passed some sort of threshold where making my far vision clearer comes at a cost of making everything nearer seem much smaller. There was always a bit of that before, but the difference wasn't enough to cause me much concern; now it is very pronounced to me. While it is nice to look down and see my ideal foot size, or more petite legs, or trimmer hips, the effect is beginning to irritate me, and I hope it lessens soon. This is just illusion. I know I am not big, but I am larger than that.

It should go without saying that spoilers are involved in this, but there it is again, just in case.

The fighting style was almost completely predictable.
I still don't like Zelda.
Midna is hot.
I want my sword back, dammit!

Longer Version:
I have to admit that one of the reasons Twilight Princess has felt a little bland to me is because it copies Ocarina of Time far too closely in visual style and even combat. The "Hidden Skills" were nice additions, but tougher enemies could often ignore them completely (I thought Mortal Draw was supposed to be unblockable ... but I was wrong!), returning things to the usual "strike when the time is right and jump strike when you can." Despite that, I still loved fighting Darknuts. Dodge the swing and slam that sucker in the ribs! Wahaha!

Likewise, the ending battles seemed kind of lame to me. Only the Beast form of Ganon brought anything new to the table. The entire "bat the orb of light back and forth" and the "Dark Rider Ganondorf" bits are obviously derived from Ocarina of Time (the orb bit has appeared in three out of the four 3D games!) Beast Ganon's method of appearance and "Dark Rider Ganondorf" were throwbacks, yet again, to Ocarina of Time. While Zelda on horseback was a surprise, her ability with arrows draws from Wind Waker (at least her aim was better this time around, because it was linked to the player's L-targeting). I did appreciate the "Chance" option that sometimes occurred during the one-on-one sword duel, however ... I am a button mashing master.

One of the reasons I loved Wind Waker so much is that it really developed Ganondorf's character at the end, and I felt more interest in the bastard than ever before. Twilight Princess caused me to love his armor and question his curlers, but that was about it. It didn't really bring much to the plate where Zelda was concerned, either. The thing that bugs me about Zelda is how she is almost always a passive character, and when she is active, she is either ineffective or in the process of somehow being used/martyred/crushed for the good of Hyrule.

At least she was quiet this time while I was dueling Ganon. That was a major improvement.

Though she rather irritated me at first, Midna really grew on me, and she's more of the type I prefer. Even though she is regularly faced with powers that outmatch her own, she is always looking for another solution to the problem, and in so doing, is always an active participant who grows stronger until she is an equal.

Though the ending cinema showed the Master Sword resting in its pedestal, just how, exactly, did it get there?

Ganon: ::expires standing up::
Zelda: Ah ... the sword's still stuck in his chest. Are you going to get that?
Link: Er, I ... what's that? OMG! MIDNA! SHE'S ALIIIIIIIIIVE!
Midna: Yes, I'm hot stuff!
Current Mood: frustratedmy eyeballs hurt
Silvermasksilvermask on March 27th, 2007 03:43 am (UTC)
I know dude, when Ganondorf "died," the first thing I think is, "Ok, so what are they going to do with THAT, huh?" And then Link had his OMG MIDNA moment.

Bat the Orb - Dude, don't forget Link To The Past. Bat The Orb has been around a looong time. I thought it was reasonably cool that you got to fight Zelda though.

Beast Ganon - Yeah, something new with that one, although somewhat reminiscent of Phantom Ganon from the Forest Temple, but bigger and hurtier.

Dark Rider - Horseback combat! :D
Horseback combat! D:
That about says it.

Was it me, or was Zant just a little... way too freaky? I mean, at first he's creepy and evil looking and actually kind of looks feminine under the mask BUT ANYWAY, when you fight him he goes all looney toons on you. o_O