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I parallel parked at the park, hahahaha.

I can honestly say that I am now a true New City motorist, for I survived the classic Roadway Rite of Passage here, which is to hit three deep potholes in less than three seconds. There is to be no swerve room in this feat, nor are you to see the last two coming until too late. You must face headfirst those gaps needing either filling or suspension bridges (alas, neither's in the budget), and get out in one piece. While in a moment of panic I thought I chipped a tooth, snapped an axle and maybe lost a tire, none of that actually happened. Therefore, I win and lose at the same time.

Thanks to this experience, I have a new theory about trash in New City. Perhaps people litter in order to help motorists, for they think that each article or piece of paper will eventually get mashed into the gorges we call potholes, and thus even them out to the level of the road. But this never actually happens, so they're just polluting with no point. Life's tough for folks with good intentions.

I also got lost today, winding up in lovely Wilmerding. Say this name with me. Wilmerding!

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