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Let's Catch a Movie

Most of the news as of late has not been precisely thrilling to hear. The cracks on my windshield have increased in number, and they grow in length with each passing day. Close up inspection during daylight hours has revealed damage to the paint on the front hood as well. I stopped by a Volkswagen dealership and ordered a bottle of matching red to do touchups with, as metal is exposed. I have a couple of numbers to call to replace the windshield, but I've been putting that off, as Internet guesstimates put the process in the $300 dollar range, and I cannot afford that at the present moment. I have this nagging, annoying feeling that if I were an adult taking care of responsibility, I would cancel my A-Cen plane tickets and trip, which would cover the cost, but I have yet to convince myself to do so.

I was beginning to cope with the concept of "alignment" being relative due to the great number of potholes and poor road conditions here in New City, but I'm finding it more difficult to come to terms with this exterior battering. I'm not happy because I wanted to take such good care of the Super Tomato (next oil change in 300 miles) and it's already showing battle damage. I feel a bit guilty because I didn't put that stupid hood thing back on for the trip, though it would not have spared me from the beating I took.

About the only good thing that has happened lately occurred when I went to the gas station to put some air in my tires. I parked the Super Tomato near the pump and was putting quarters in when a man came over and asked me if I really was from Indiana (the Super Tomato wears an Indiana plate). I was suspicious of him at first, but as we talked, it turned out that he too was from the Hoosier Homeland. He put air in my tires for me.

Up and at 'em, Anne. There's no point in staying home and moping.
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