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The Pudding Isles

Frustrated, very frustrated, extremely frustrated. Am not going to beat up the sewing machine, for that would simply be blaming the thing for my own incompetence, and besides, I can't afford to replace it anyway. Still frustrated. I think I'll go for a walk. I have to rip out that seam afterwards and redo the trim on the front panel ... how will I ever get the dreaded puffy sleeves in at this rate? Shit! I really wish I had done the ivory cross part differently, because it just looks so stupid with red thread showing through on the sides, but I'm working at such a slow pace, I don't have time to go back and take it off ... especially since the fabric is fragile and prone to fraying, so I'd have to cut, iron, place and sew all over again. Nope. No time. I just have to fix the exceptionally shitty bits before moving on to the next step. This thing is so embarrassing. If anyone so much as glances at my seams, I'll probably run out of the con screaming. I'm like one level up from hot glue and a step down from duct tape.

Cons without cosplay are depressing to me. If I go and have no costume to wear, I feel like I'm there without a point or purpose. I feel like I'm in the way somehow, or a mere minder of possessions, not a full participant in the fun. I feel like I'm wasting money.

Rin: I still like my painting job, but I hate the kimono because all the fabric makes me feel like a blimp. Pseudo-obi remains in pieces. At this rate, it will be finished when I am an old bag lady. No Manji known to be present at A-Cen. No incentive.
Skuld: No wig, therefore, cannot wear, as my natural hair is definitely not black and knee-length. After two and a half years of piling shit up, I can't get to my staff anyway.
Anna: I have all the parts to this one, but I don't want to be a 13 year old right now, no matter how badass she may be.
Zidane: Independence is problematic while wearing Zidane, due to the large gloves, the occasional rabid fangirl, and generally being without glasses. I don't want to be a boy right now either.
Priestess: Strategic undergarments are missing. It might fit me better now that I've gained weight (damn you, cosplay, for making me aware that I've put an inch on my waistline this year), but the shoes are damaged and I have no desire to repair them.
Merchant: Missing the shirt, a necessary item for dignity.
Anju: I do have a wig I could style, but besides being "retired," the waistband is in very poor shape and I'm missing ears.
"Leaf": Hahahah never again! With my butt being bigger this year, I would almost certainly split a seam, since the fabric has no stretch.

Hmm. Oh, hey, the rage is gone. Now I'm just tired again. Swell! Let's hope I don't fall asleep halfway up the hill.
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