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Beverly's Moving Advertisement!

Once upon an A-Cen not too very long ago, Anne was sad because she had nothing to dress up in. awakesoon and erikadoor came to the rescue of our dour damsel, dressing her as Sophie from "Howl's Moving Castle" and Nanako Misonoo from "Oniisama E" respectively. On a night that happened just now, said lady finally found images of the first costume, and cheered. "Hooray! I don't look like a total moron!," she whooped. She giggled while she overanalyzed the results of her borrowed finery. "I was trying to do a small smile, since my gigantic grin (ha ha ha, see what I did there?) didn't seem very Sophie-like to me," the girl admitted, "as she is very reserved during the period when she wears her green dress."

These photos are obviously by Al. singingraisin, though not present in costume, was there in Howl spirit!


This photograph reminds me of desserts.


I seem to have forgotten to be afraid? Maybe I was busy trying to keep my eyes open.


I very rarely admit that an honest quandary of my existence is how I love to smile, but at the same time, hate my large uneven teeth and the way my upper lip naturally exposes a mile of gums if I'm not paying attention. I also think I tend to look horrendously daft if I do not smile. My lips are naturally down turned at the corners, so I come out looking cranky and sad ... as though I think I'm seriously cosplaying or having some excruciatingly deep and meaningful thinks or something!


Exhibit A: Horrendous Daftness. I'm actually fairly pleased with this one, for though my expression is somewhat vacant, it's a fairly flattering angle for my square jaw.


Exhibit B: Partial Daftness. I am happy that my cheeks do not look like they could kill small animals!

These "yogurt" covered cranberries have to rank in the top ten of the grossest things I have ever mistakenly purchased.
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