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07 May 2002 @ 08:05 am
My right wrist has been feeling weird these past two days ... I think I've been overdoing it and subsequently (I love that word) not getting enough sleep, so it isn't feeling better. I bet John twisting the hell out of it at Springfest didn't really help either ... I was only going to assassinate him with a water bottle and take over his empire that he has yet to establish, I swear!

Everything for today is done, I think. I have to come up with some sort of final project for Design Orientation, and I have to study for my finals ... but other than that and the miscellaneous meetings, packing to go home, and whatnot, I'm pretty much done. This year went by pretty quickly. ^_^ There've been some pretty bad days and some pretty good days ... I'm ok right now, despite having about three hours of sleep. ^_^;;; I'll probably start snoozing in class, though.

Sarah & Sarah want to move into the Woods (the school apartments) our junior year if they get a car together, or join a sorority if they don't. I know I still have awhile to decide, but right now I dunno what to do ... I really don't want to live in the Woods, and there's no way in hell I'm joining a sorority. If I can't live with Sarah, I'm going to live alone, dammit. I wonder how one manages to get a single room ...

It was really raining last night, complete with thunder and lightning. ^_^ It seems to have let off for now ... Sarah wants to leave the window open and the fan going since it gets pretty damn stuffy in here when we close it, but I'm kind of worried at the moment that it'll rain in. ^_^;;

I can't think of what else I wanted to say at the moment, so I guess I'll go eat breakfast. ^_^ Ja ne!
Current Mood: uncomfortableuncomfortable
Current Music: ... "My Will," Inu-Yasha
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One Who Wandersabiona on May 7th, 2002 08:10 pm (UTC)
I hail from the land of soy, Illinois. ^_^
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One Who Wanders: weirdabiona on May 8th, 2002 11:55 am (UTC)
Soy's in more things than you or I know about (maybe it's a conspiracy!). ^_^ It's not just soy sauce - it's in everything, even crayons. We grow it and we process it, which makes the air smell kind of funny rather frequently. o_o