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I was talking with etoileeyes the other day, and she mentioned some Thespian drama that occurred during our senior year of high school. I was surprised to discover that I could not remember a single bit of it, no matter how hard I tried. To be sure, I was not entirely functional at that point in my life, but I have a tendency to hold grudges, so it is amazing to realize that I have forgotten so many things that must have once been very bitter.

Now, I am finally ready to give my show choir dresses away. I held on to them for over eight years as some sort of testament or reminder, but despite their presence in my closet, I forgot, I forgot, and I don't care that I did. The garments no longer hold the breath that they used to. I do not need them. I've forgotten how to sing for competition and remembered how to speak for myself. Someone else can wear them now, as something else or for something else.

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