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Along what was once considered a highway, there are several stone observation platforms. The idea behind these was, no doubt, to provide one with a clear view of the river the road runs beside. As other, more high tech lanes of travel took over and New City's budget problems set in, these platforms were no longer maintained, and eventually were blocked off to vehicular traffic. Both the stone structures and the sights have become overgrown.

I had been debating how to get back to at least one for quite some time. Driving was a no go, because the shoulder on the road is very minimal, and I would not be able to park the Super Tomato anywhere. It was a toss up between walking (my accustomed habit, but risky with such a narrow margin) and riding my bike (still scary, physically tougher, but I would be moving faster and also easier to spot). I eventually concluded that I would try to bike it, and to this end, obtained a helmet with red, purple and goldenrod swirlies and a price tag that cost just about as much as my bicycle did back in the day.

abiona: Just how bad of an idea is this? Hmmm.
silvermask: well, it's probably somewhat safer than poking around abandoned crackhouses XD
abiona: ... hahahahaha. You have a point.

The Pennsylvania Driver's Manual instructs motorists not to honk at cyclists, as this behavior can cause the startled subject to swerve in front of vehicles. Legally, a bicyclist is also entitled to the full lane. In reality, he or she receives:

1.) Numerous screams, shouts, howls, and other loud and sudden noises with intent to terrify the rider, presumably to amuse those in the automobile.
2.) People, being stupid, laying on the horn and keeping it up for a good two minutes instead of simply passing.
3.) SUVs tailgating even though a bike does not have much of a tail to play with.

Long story short, I did not make it to the observation platforms, and I had the bejeesus scared out of me. The fact that there were so many people willing to harass me for their laughter upset me a good deal. I think I would have been safer had I walked it.

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