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I call it, "the Toastertastic."

I really need to stop rolling my eyes. The Overachiever came back to Irish Step Dancing class tonight, and subsequently, my eyes were going round, and round, and round, whenever she opened her mouth. I probably looked like I was either a.) about to pass out, or b.) having some very serious issues. No no, I'm just ... looking at the ceiling! In different spots! In quick succession! Honestly! (I have vague memories of this habit getting me into trouble in third grade ... I think I rolled my eyes at a teacher.)

Four photos of completely random things:

Thingies Thingies Thingies Thingies

Random aside: my favorite pen ran out of ink today. I bid thee farewell, and now commence a new search for a cheap ballpoint with really black ink.

And lastly, why did no one tell me about D.Gray-Man? I have to add The Millenium Earl to my cosplay list though I've only read the first volume, and despite it absolutely requiring a padded body suit, a mask, and maybe even some artificial height enhancement. The hat! The umbrella! That grin!
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