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in seven days

They're moving a 15 year old ballerina into the other half of the Attic. I think it's a sign of the coming Apocalypse. Maybe I'm just excessively hormonal right now, or maybe I'm just being territorial about my "alone space," but I can't see this ending in anything other than drama or disaster. When Mrs. Dance explained the situation to me (single working mom in Texas needs a safe place for her only daughter to live so she can attend the ballet school here), I could not hide my horror and found it difficult to say anything positive or supportive. I should have been thinking, "thank goodness we could help them!", or maybe "She'll be cute, and maybe she'll be a geek, so we'll get along," but instead, all that passed through my mind was, "Goddammit, I graduated from college, this shouldn't be happening unless I want it to" or "the rent is not cheap enough for this," or "bitch is gonna disrupt all my private time and phone calls!"

To make a long story short, I feel pretty dismal.

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