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Considering how few photos I actually post, you would never guess that I've now shot over 7,000 of them. If we're going to get technical about it, the above image is actually 6,999.5. It's the same silly subject (I was completely unaware, per usual, that I was nearing some momentous thousand and thus it never occurred to me to take a good shot of something interesting), with the same dull lighting ... this one just has slightly better alignment. Therefore, it has taken the name of 7000.

Not Even Half Not Even Half

Can someone tell what the heck the squirrel is eating? It looked a little like the remnants of some long-gone roofing project to me.

These two pictures of a rodent are known as "not even half" because the others in the same set fell prey to a sudden whim where I dug up old maps, photographs, and a little extra guesswork on what happened to the place before September 2007 (and the rest just stink).

Would you be interested in additional information and/or verbiage on some (otherwise dull, by my standards) photographs?

A wee bit of a backstory would be ...

excruciatingly dull
not gonna read it anyway, so it doesn't matter
tolerable as long as the post included some more squirrels

It may go up regardless of interest so that I have some record of it. Due to the inclusion of maps, it would almost certainly be friendslocked. It is the maps that I find most intriguing and yet most problematic, for they would ruin my record of renaming everything.


My hope during this session was to take either yoga or pilates plus an interesting dance class. Alas! They only offered pilates, and I was thus trapped in my vow for one or the other. Alack! All the dance classes that had some draw for me conflicted. The only other one I could have added would have been hip hop, but somehow, I just don't think I have that in me. If I went, I would be bored or plain unable to complete the hour because of an unfortunate and persistent case of the giggles.

Fortunately, the pilates teacher this time around seems a little less hellbent on jumping in to a full workout, so I don't ache as badly as I did the last time I attempted it. (I maintain that the technique was invented by a mad scientist.) Despite her rather moderate approach, I still managed to bruise myself due to the way my bones interact with the floor ... neither the first nor the last time. I'm so smooth!
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