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Are you ready for fall out the ears??

Nine Mile Run Nine Mile Run Nine Mile Run Nine Mile Run

Nine Mile Run Nine Mile Run Nine Mile Run Nine Mile Run

Nine Mile Run Nine Mile Run Nine Mile Run Nine Mile Run

This may strike you as odd, but over the weekend, I went on a photo hike with people other than me, myself, and I. They're not in any of these images, so I'm afraid you'll have to take my word for it. Their presence can be inferred, however, as I would likely not have journeyed by myself several miles downstream through thick growth and seeds; doing so would have tempted Sprained Ankles, Getting Lost, and Falling In. (Several miles by myself in a more urban setting is more likely, so perhaps then there'd be cause for doubt.)

Favorites include ninemile04.jpg, ninemile09.jpg, ninemile10.jpg, and ninemile12.jpg.

[Edit: silvermask says, "yes, because if you were by yourself you would be EXPLORING AN ABANDONED CRACKHOUSE"]
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