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every time they pretend to care

As I have mentioned before, I have two cousins. The first one married last year. They sent the invitation to my father, although I was 23 at the time and never lived (or even stayed) with him after the divorce.

You think they would've figured this out? Naw!

The second cousin is getting married this December. They sent the invitation to my father again. Smooth!

Sometimes I think that for being such "cultured" people, they have a bad habit of only following the biggest or most convenient "niceties." The roses will match the bridesmaids' dresses, certainly, and the cake will be cut into dainty and yet annoying little squares just as tradition and style require, but can they expend the effort to get my address straight? Well, who's going to complain, right?

This time I'm saying something. This is stupid.

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