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Emily and Me

Emily's Wedding Emily's Wedding Emily's Wedding Emily's Wedding

Emily's Wedding Emily's Wedding Emily's Wedding Emily's Wedding

Emily's Wedding Emily's Wedding

etoileeyes married on Saturday evening, and I was fortunate enough to take part in the ceremony. If you are looking for additional images of the wedding and/or party in this post, then hahaha! I do not have any. The ones I did attempt turned out with an uncorrectable case of blur, subsequently I was in the wedding and thus unable to take pictures during that time, and finally, I was dancing (and eating) too much to take any shots during the reception.

It was very wet for the most part, which is why the lighting in almost all of the the photos required later help in Ye Olde Photoshoppe. Many of the images are from when we looked around the site on Friday (in order to protect my camera from the rain, I asked etoileeyes and a fellow bridesmaid to hold my coat above it ... forget about me!), and several are from when I went on a brief walk early Saturday afternoon. wedding07.jpg cracked me up ... a random urban moment in the middle of nowhere. Can you see what amused me about wedding09.jpg? Wedding10.jpg is terrible, but it is up as a marker that I did, despite the wind, get the dang flower in the frame, if not in focus.

I believe my crazy antics on the dance floor may well be catching up to me, for not only am I ravenous, I can't decide between oatmeal and sleep.


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