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well, that's one way to wake up


I am rarely fully aware when I am first forced to wake against my will, but I registered the sound of my cell phone/alarm falling to the floor and continuing to vibrate in a most annoying fashion. I reflexively went after it, only, since I was very drowsy and my eyes were closed, my depth perception was way off. That my lids were still sealed with sleep turned out to be most fortunate, for I gouged my left ocular apparatus quite thoroughly on the corner of my end table. I don't know if you can tell, but I managed to scrape right along my eyelashes as well, so it looks a bit like I'm wearing scarlet eyeliner.

Hence, my morning sounded somewhat like this:

Anne: ::uses profane words and REALLY MEANS IT::
Anne: IS IT BLEEDING!? ::touches it::
Anne: OW! ::PROFANITY!:: Can't tell!
Anne: IS IT BLEEDING!? ::touches it::
Anne: OW! HELLO?!
Anne: IS IT BLEEDING!? ::turns on light::

When I went to work, everyone delighted in asking me what the other guy looked like, or if I got into a fight with the cat. At first I told them that I punched myself in the face with a hardcover book, but then some of them actually believed me, so I decided to just tell the truth. At least the swelling's gone down quite a bit, so I can almost fully open my eye once again.

End Table: 1
Anne: 0

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