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here we bowl again

You can do it!


And now, for something completely unrelated:

I went to the store this evening to buy a Swiffer. Said cleaning implement was purchased, and I made my way back to the Super Tomato. Upon turning the key in the ignition, the Idiot Light came on and the engine went off, much to my horror. To summarize the short story, I couldn't get the thing to start, and so I called Mr. Dance who was miraculously in town, and he told me to look under the hood. I informed him there was no point in me doing that because I wouldn't know what I was looking at anyway, which was true if not particularly helpful, so he drove over to the grocery store, brought the Super Tomato back to life (a state temporary or otherwise), and guided me to the mechanic's, where my car currently is and I am not.

My lunchbox is still sitting in the passenger seat.

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