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I expect things to remain much the same.

One out of many things that I have inherited from my father is an astounding capacity for sleep. I slept until noon today. Then I conked out again around two or so, and woke up at approximately four. The weird thing about this is that I will be able to snooze soundly tonight anyway.


The method in which I work on these (moments stolen here and there when I should be doing other things) means that a time consuming process simply takes forever. This is one reason why I very rarely include backgrounds with figures (takes at least a month to do those), and is also a contributing factor to the diminutive scale of my doodles.

Some of the drawings remain unfinished because I got utterly and completely bored of looking at them and making so little progress. Others are incomplete because once you put something down in ballpoint, that's it. Depending on the nature of the screwup (monumental, inconsequential, beneficial), it may be worked into things, or it could just translate into "I hate this! I'm going to start something else."

Pannier Gal

Official Cause of Cessation: Boredom
Unofficial Cause: The "ruffles" on the underskirt look stupid. I think I'd like to make the outfit someday, but my legs aren't nice enough at present to pull it off.

Working on the Red

Official Cause of Cessation: Monumental Screwup (I messed up on her mouth and one side of her hair ... and it had been going so well!)
Unofficial Cause: I never thought the outfit was a work of art, but then someone looked at her and told me she was dressed like a hoochiemama. Not quite what I was going for with this particular character, so I'll just start over.


I renew my resolve to be less of a waste of fles... no no, let me rephrase that. I renew my resolve to be resolute (ha ha see what I did there?) and work hard!
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