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"The ONLY bar EVER to be hostessed by a (somewhat) sociable Munak and a Cajun-cookin' Swordess. Plenty of room, plenty of fun, plenty of vengeance."

Only in Prontera, only on Loki, only ... whenever we're there. Come on in, your arrival here isn't by accident.


Ok, I had a damn good time playing Ragnarok today. Yeah!


I nearly hacked off my thumb with an X-acto Knife today. But on the good side, I think my final project for Design Orientation is nearly finished. It seems a very childish project to me, and I'm still not very happy with it ... but at this point, I'm doing it just to get something done. I haven't really been happy at all with my recently past projects.

I had a humorously wretched time with my PoliSci final, but I think what's more important is that despising PoliSci as much as I did at that moment when I was studying late at night made me realize that all I want to do here at school is art. I only begin to truly think when I'm here while I'm in an art class - how can I do this? What are the best things to use in order to do this? Can I keep going? What does it mean if I do this? Am I taking this too lightly?

I've only really enjoyed myself in my drawing class.

Oh, in other news, Inu-Yasha's one of the few shows where I've begun to develop a true dislike for the really main evil guy - in this case, Naraku. I really want to wring his neck!! GRAH! o_o

Each time I watch the second ending song, though, I love Sesshou-maru more. But I love Inu-Yasha too. T_T And Shippo's so adorable, and even though Miroku's a lecherous monk, he's great. I could even get along with Kagome. How often can I say that? I rarely get along with the female leads!

I'm going home Wednesday. I pray that we can get my computer hooked to the Internet somehow ... I really don't want to use the family computer all summer long. Everything I want and need at this moment is on Moouack, and I've grown very used to dealing with him, though we still have our differences.

I kind of want a new computer. But I kind of don't. I'd feel guilty getting rid of my right limb here. ^^;

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