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Treehouse No Reason Treehouse

I just did a little digging about the location of the ice shot, and while the decay of the structure seemed obvious at first glance, I am still astounded by the changes it has undergone between its construction date and the present time. Another photo journey and post may well be pending.

For the past few months, I have been attending events held by the local Flickr group in an attempt at some form of non-con socializing. My eventual goal is to be familiar enough with some of them to hang out without the show/gathering as an excuse. Right now I feel like I'm in the "awkward heel" phase ... the problem with being "small," "young," and having a high-pitched voice is that you are forced to walk a very, very fine line between cute and annoying, and I worry that I lean towards the latter. I've often said that people either like me or I drive them crazy; yet somehow these folks have fallen into a "no opinion one way or the other" category and I'm not sure how to be more winsome. They don't dislike me, but sometimes I feel a vibe like, "she's great to have at the gallery 'cause she's cheerful, but in other contexts ...? Eh ..." Or maybe I'm just being overly concerned.

I like shiny things.
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