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Wanna make a post in April? Oh yeah ...

I present unto you ... photos for the entire month!

New New-to-Me Camera Trial

What a Snooze What a Snooze

The filename of these pictures refers to how the group I originally intended to meet up with decided that 8:30 a.m. on a Saturday was a good time. Now, I don't know about you, but I am far from a morning person, and it's far better if I expose as few people as possible to me (minus caffeine and a good thirty minutes) at that hour. So I went in the afternoon instead. I like to think that I accomplished the first shot, which I have so cleverly titled "Blank Slate," with full intention and complete skill. In truth, it was something of a miracle that I managed to focus on anything at all.

Unguarded Set

unguarded unguarded unguarded unguarded

I can't quite imagine what it must have been like when the factories or whatever they were in the neighborhood were functioning, living parts of day to day business. Nowadays we are very accustomed to the separation of "work" and "life," so much so that we place great distance between our homes and our employment. (Clearly, there are other factors to our fondness for commutes, but I choose to speak of one that interests me at the moment.) In the Hoosier Homeland, this tendency was quite pronounced due to the greater space allowed for pretty much everything.

Theory: I moved away from the Midwest because I like older cities where things have been built up, over, and together in a close fashion, and where the core has retained or even regained some vitality over the past few decades. (Question: Why not Chicago? Response: Lake effect snow. Question: Why not Indianapolis? Response: Too close to annoying relatives. Too flat. Too Hoosier.)

There were a couple of buildings, more or less abandoned or non-functional, in the area. I was quite surprised how easy it would have been to get into either one of them. True enough, the metal stairs at the one facility had completely corroded away, but there were other, less obvious means of getting around. Doors were open and "fences" were in pieces. There were some really cute, well maintained row homes not a block away, which makes me wonder whether the residents are just ignoring these sites ... are they too lazy (or too busy), too broke, or even too powerless to poke folks to at least pick up the trash?



My mother has teased me about my penchant for taking places of abandoned or decayed structures. She tells me that if I took pictures of happier things, I'd be happier too. I don't know if that's true or not, but I'm happy as it is yearning for information I will never find because there was no way to preserve it.

I have gone on before about my "artistic" or "documentation" reasoning, but another facet of this enjoyment that I may never escape is that it is creepily pleasurable to imagine what that house's spirit or life must have been like, back when it was inhabited. I want to know who was there, when did they go, why did they go, how did this happen? What if someone lived there again? Did it have interesting fireplaces? Were the staircases narrow? When nobody was there to love the place, did thieves come in and take its physical treasures to sell? Who owns it and doesn't care for it now? I can't help but love what it once was, even though most people can't see it through the debris.

Things are only important to us when nobody who experienced them is alive.

Looking Out My Window

Out the Window

Gaaaah, I love slate roofs and weird roof thingies! This, however, is not a good example of a weird roof thingie. This is an example of a cheap roof thingie.

End note: does anyone else use SmartFTP? I was always content to use outdated versions because they still worked, but now they've figured out that the way to get folks like me to keep up with the times is to make the thing stop functioning after a certain period, unless you download the newest version. I happen to dislike the newer version, as it's starting to get "too user friendly" and it keeps on putting everything in an accursed queue instead of just uploading it. I must be an old technologically outdated fart now, because I don't know what this queue business is, don't like it, don't need it. How do you bypass the thing?

Whoops, seems like I forgot some photos from March:

Particularly Something? Particularly Something? Particularly Something? Particularly Something?

I've forgotten what I was going to say about those.
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