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Here's a bit of info I bet you might not have known - regular Flinstones Chewable Vitamins have a very intense, very tropical flavor. And they're very happily colored, too!

Anyway, today's been leaning strongly towards the iffy side. My performance on my International Literature and Culture final was mediocre at best. I missed lunch. And what's up with people forgetting to meet me today?? Two out of two people (one of whom is one of my teachers) forgot to meet with me today, resulting in two stints of waiting that were a half hour long and an hour and a half long respectively. I wasted two hours today waiting! >.<'

Before I left, I wrote "I wonder if I could turn in my Grapic Design final early ... I'm going home tomorrow, folks. Yay. Whee. I gotta pack. I gotta clean before I do that ... or maybe I could accomplish both at the same time. O.o" Fortunately, I met up with my teacher as I went to go slide a note under her door. So I don't have to go back.

Oh, and Jean, I finally really understand what you mean about the Tsurugi. With Cecily (who's now a Swordswoman, yay!), I can hit anywhere from a 7 to 100+ ... I suppose the trick with dealing right now until I build up the ability to control it is just to not assume that because I'm holding an almighty Tsurugi (thanks muchly to the generosity of Silvermask), the Tsurugi will save me. lol

I've forgotten what else I wanted to say.

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