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Apparently, procrastination only improves with age! I took these nearly a month ago.

Downtownian Downtownian Downtownian Downtownian

In other news, I recently purchased a copy of Harvest Moon DS Cute. It's the "girly" version of the game, but having never played any other, I cannot say if much other than the gender of the character you play is different. Thus far, I have concluded that it may be a better time-waster than Animal Crossing: Wild World, but only because time in-game is not tied to the DS' internal clock (therefore, you can play way later at night and days pass faster).

Unfortunately, the villagers just aren't as whacked out as they are in AC:WW, which is painfully disappointing to me (though I should have expected it). Part of the game is to get to know your villagers, give them gifts, etc., but what if they only say the same four things over and over again? Boring! Talk to me about defending scrunchies to the death and do super heroes wear capes or masks?, not how lovely the air in Forget-me-Not Valley is and how wonderful it is for a girl like me to be running a farm on my own! I've somewhat solved this problem by making the "social interaction" factor only involve three or so townsfolk, one of whom only appears during the summer, and another, only on sunny days. I call this the Three Villager Rule.

In the girly version, one of the goals is to get married and have a kid. It figures that all the bachelors who do not seem to be creepy and/or a waste of air on a farm belong to Mineral Town, so you can only court them if you have that game as well. As a consolation prize to those of us who did not purchase any Mineral Town variant years ago, one Mineral Town guy shows up without the other game, but only during the summer. While he has the reputation of being a ladies man, at least he can cook. My other options are two guys who look old enough to be my character's father, a freeloader, a musician who doesn't actually make any music, and ... uhhh ... well, the rest are apparently forgettable, because I've already forgotten them.

A tip to all future players of Harvest Moon DS Cute: do not waste your time building with lumber. I had three storage units built of wood, and they all got blown away during the first winter ... two of 'em down on Christmas!
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