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in which I do what has been done before

Getting Towed Off the Ohio Toll Road: $126.26
Getting a Room at a Motel: $71.00
Replacing Busted Alternator and Getting Super-Dead Battery Charged: $508.79

Getting Home the Next Day Despite Another Idiot Light Going Off: priceless

I'm so taking the bus tomorrow.

Edit: Things I Learned

1.) all the idiot lights flashing and your odometer going to 0 when you are clearly going somewhere around 65 signals imminent car failure
2.) Bryan, OH is #30 on the list of 100 Best Small Towns
3.) I really, really appreciate clean socks
4.) If you get towed off the turnpike, you still have to pay the toll
5.) when I die, please shut the lid and have a party
6.) foreign auto shops aren't common in OH

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