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Ok, folks, I know you weren't terribly worried, but I'm home now. ^_^ Today I got up at eight (go me!), and started packing. Sarah left earlier than I did again, this time due to family complications, but my own relatives arrived soon afterwards so I wasn't alone for too long. It was a pretty nice day for moving out ... sunshiny. We managed to get everything packed, and we set off, getting home at around 8:30 or so. So basically, I've been packing and moving all day today. heh. I'd be cranky by now, but I just watched an ep of Inu-Yasha and I feel better. ^^;

Jean, when do you want to set up the Munak Star Bar and Grill again? ^_^ I need to test out Ragnarok on my 56k-Moouack-aol-laden connection, and I'd like to do something fun!

I should draw Estelle ...

Man, I'm thirsty. Yeah. o_O

I went to go check my aol email today. I had exactly 1000 new emails. I really need to unsubscribe from that mailing list ... it frightens my mother to see a four digit number next to my screenname.

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