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Savings? Hah. 2008 took that and shoved it up ... its nose.

I think I have the tax thing figured out, and alas, about the only thing I can contest is the "self employed" fee ... which may stay anyway, given how Cave Inc. processed the bonus that year. Though I'm a lot calmer now, it still stinks because out of the money (I think) this is related to, I kept only half to begin with ... and the amount I owe is more than half of that.


It was a pretty typical parade for this place: a lot of unions, some cranky marching bands, a couple of baton twirling studios and bagpipes. Most people walk the route.


Tastes have sure changed over the years. (In addition, if transit union members can afford to buy their kids ATVs, then perhaps I should rethink my career?) I'm perturbed by the fact that my framing cut the edge of his tire off (he was a moving target), but I'm never going to get the shot again, so I have to live with it.

I processed a grand total of ten photos, but these are the only two I have more than mixed feelings about. The lighting was too bright (though I almost like that painful contrast), but it gave a great glow to the people on the pavement, who would have otherwise been backlit. I just think the rest are mostly boring, because I didn't cut out most of the context like I usually do. They look ... normal.
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