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clearly, I’m a cranky old fool who’s old enough to have seen the original in the theater

Somebody just linked me to a video of Amy Lee of Evanescence performing "Sally's Song" for Jay Leno. It seems that this is part of a larger "Revisited" endeavor that brings together a bunch of obviously GOTHIC and CORPORATE CERTIFIED STRANGE and NOT POP DAMNIT musicians to cover tunes from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Call me crazy, but somehow this move is really just as shallow as asking any equally manufactured pop star to get in on this. It’s capitalizing on the surface elements and limited color palate of the movie’s visuals, sure, but the choices don’t reflect much else ... like, oh, say, the spirit of the thing?

I guess I'm odd (or just not the target audience), for while I list the movie among my favorites, I’ve never been in to loading myself down with all the merchandise, and this Revisited crap doesn’t interest me much at all. I fear the itemizing will never stop, as Burton’s most similar work, The Corpse Bride, was pretty lame, and will probably be unable to take on the same cult status.

Also, is it just me, or do all of Amy Lee/Evanescence songs sound ... practically the same? It's swell to be good at something, but a little variety in pattern or type is nice, you know, just to change things up. The thing that bugs me so much when I listen to her rendition of Sally is how she doesn't hit some of the jumps ... she lands flat and then slides up to the note to show her emotion. That vocal habit seems painfully contrived. About the only thing I dislike more in a singer is someone who wiggles their lips and chin to make the supposed source of their vibrato obvious and intense.

I know that I shouldn't laugh when Amy Lee played the piano on one side and flipped over to the harp on the other, since I can't actually play the harp (and my piano skills are but a memory), yet giggle I do. The harp seems both silly and pointless, since it doesn’t seem to be involved in much more than the ending. I can’t quite convince myself that it’s there for any purpose other than showing off that Amy Lee knows how to play multiple instruments and sing at the same time, unlike most of the population.

In summary: get off my damn clay lawn!
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