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Too Soon

Four days, done with a ballpoint pen taken from a hotel somewhere. Realization: I need a better table and lighting. Her hair got too dark too quickly, mostly because I was doodling while sitting on my bed. I was thus unable to support my arm properly, and wound up using heavier strokes rather than using light ones to build up layers of light and dark. Whoops. I debated going back and painting light in, but figured, if I'm going to take that sort of effort, I'm going to start a new, better doodle worthy of it! I do like her accidental throat tattoo, however, and might turn her into a repeat character of sorts. Perhaps.


In good news: my driver's side brake light works now!
In bad news: something they did while fixing the brake light messed up the Super Tomato's already temperamental hatch closure, and it now takes me about five minutes to get it to shut properly. Hrm ...
In amusing news: by gosh, my car really is held together with tape!
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