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and we're all like, "yay!"

Surprisingly, changing medication has helped a good deal for general day to day living (I hope this lasts). I don't feel continually bone tired and fall over exhausted (I really hope this lasts). My mother also says I sound better and more confident, although I'll have to take her word on that one, as I seem to be utterly incapable of hearing the tone of my own voice. I feel "okay" now, except for when I think about what I want to do/upcoming months/job searching. Then I get the feeling that I am totally, utterly and completely screwed, and I have no idea how to make it any better. Oh God, oh God, not enough money, oh God, stupid bleeping economy, oh God, I can't wait, I can't wait. There may be a shut window ahead of me, but I have to keep on flying to somewhere.

Sometimes I wonder if it's normal that I'm actually happy to see it snow.

And now, doodles!


I'm glad I know the little demented things in the world.

Dress 01

It's amusing that I continually draw skirts and dresses, but almost never wear them myself. For some reason, I really like this doodle, even if the dress is nothing special and I didn't even get around to shoes. It may be her expression, or it may be that somehow, she turned out feeling a bit more ... flowing than my figures usually do.


So I like layers ...

In theory, this is supposedly the same girl as this one, but with her hair down. She is tentatively named Jolene. I can't quite think of a last name yet. I ran out of time on this one, and I'm pretty sure I want to change her shoes (oh help me, these are ridiculous). I do like her skirt, however.
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