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01 February 2009 @ 05:47 pm
apparently, I haven't changed much  
I worked at Michael's last night (permanent part time, check! Pass evaluation with flying colors, check! Get 25 cent raise, check!). I noticed a young man repeatedly looking at me from the door, which is a fair distance. Being nearsighted, I couldn't tell who he was, but I didn't spend much time pondering it. Now, when I moved here from the Hoosier Homeland, I fully expected to leave most of high school behind me. So it is no surprise that I was absolutely floored when said person came over to the register and turned out to be someone I went to high school with, and still more amazed that he lives - you guessed it - here. In fact, he lives a stone's throw from my neighborhood. We exchanged emails.

The problem ...? I can't remember his name!


Lately I've been on a D. Gray-Man kick. Volume 12 of the Viz release was supposed to be out in January, so I hopped on over to the bookstore on the 3rd or so, only to find that it wasn't there at the beginning of the month like it usually is. It didn't show up until around the 30th. I guess "January 2009" does mean the whole month ...

I was horrified to discover that the next installment is due in April. How ... how could I wait that long? There was no way! Unable to accept such a delay, I found a scanlation and spent most of today ignoring the Superbowl catching up. I gotta say, I'm fangirling hard for Kanda right now (if he dies ... ack! Can't think about it!). I didn't like him at first (standard cranky samurai guy?), but he grew on me ... I have a soft spot for characters who always come through. And my oh my, he just gets hotter with every passing page, which doesn't hurt!

There are two downsides to D.Gray-Man, as far as I'm concerned. The quality of the art varies greatly at times, but what's worse is that the dang series is on hiatus!
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Emily: That's How We Roll In The Shireetoileeyes on February 2nd, 2009 03:56 pm (UTC)
Okay, you have my curiosity piqued.... Should I bust out the yearbooks at home and help you remember who this is? I want to know who else invaded my college stomping grounds without my knowing. It's funny how many people have ended up in Pittsburgh after I left or without my knowing from HS. Keep me posted if you need references, I do know where my HS yearbooks are!

I'm 2 volumes into D Gray-man and can't wait for my next chunk of Manga budget to get some more! (Josh put his foot down and cut me down to just a few a month in our effort to budget LOL, I'm an addict, I really am. His video game buying got cut on his end, so it's fair.) It's a really cool story.
One Who Wanders: erkabiona on February 4th, 2009 12:08 am (UTC)
I think he was a year ahead of us. He was in Mock Trial, had a fondness for sweatervests, and tended to shuffle really fast (I remember loafers) instead of running. That's about all I remember, which makes me feel bad, because he and his parents remembered my full name.