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growing in the shadow of Winter

Winter's Shadow

People often think I am more than a little crazy to move in a direction where the cost of living is so much higher than the Midwest, but the East Coast has something in it that draws me near; it is an attraction that exists only once in the Midwest for me, as Lake Michigan. It is a little strange that I find myself attached to the earthiness of a place. I am not a "nature person" by any means. I generally prefer exposure in controlled doses, minus mosquitoes, where I can find some place comfy and with food afterward.

Winter's Shadow

I love the folded, layered rocks of this state. There is nothing like this in the Midwest, though we once had some icicles hanging off our house eaves that came close. I have been eying the area where this formation occurs for two winters now. I took these shots in color, but I barely made it there while the sun was still up, and so the photos felt like nothing special. I switched them to black and white, which improved them somewhat.

Unfortunately, I can think of no way to get either detailed photos or one of the entire ice area. It is located on a narrow, twisted road and it forms one side of a blind curve. I cannot take more than five steps to either side of where I stood, for the "driveway" was actually a bridge crossing a small creek that runs through the valley, and there is no shoulder on either side to speak of. The risk of getting smashed flat is just too great.
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