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the dust, the dust, I disturb the ancient dust

I think I have vastly underestimated the amount of stuff that I have accumulated.


By popular request, this is what happens when you try to box stuff up ... in a studio apartment. Sadly, I'm not done yet.

Also, I am apparently reverting back to childhood habits. Some of you may know that when I was a little kid, I had a soap collection, mostly because the stuff smelled good, it looked nice, it felt awesome and was easy to store. The grocery store closest to me is full of "organic" and "environmentally friendly" items, most of which I ignore, because corn + chemicals are cheaper. They had a table set up on which they were displaying at least ten types of organic, vegan handmade soaps. Normally I would ignore this, too. But ... it was soap. It was pretty. It smelled nice. Not only did they have it cut up in thick slices, they had the full, uncut round gigantic molds of soap. It was so viscerally appealing, I had to touch it. I was doomed. By the time I left, not only had I found the environmentally disastrous plastic bowls I sought, I had spent six dollars on two chunks of organic, vegan handmade soap. What just happened? It was like a soap trance state ...

... I move in four days. I think this calls for an OMG!

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