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so that snow thing that happened, and before that, and before that

I'm going backwards here.

Ever since I moved out of the Hoosier Homeland, I had been wishing for a "good snow," but it never quite seemed to happen. Sure, New City freaked out once or twice about four inches in an hour or something like that, but it wasn't anything ... major. I think my years of wishes finally caught up to me last weekend.


I think that's my car, because it's rounder than the others.


Yep, that's definitely my car.


Hooray! I can see half my car!

After that, I was far too tired and wet to take a picture. The next day, someone shoveled me back in, and with my car's low clearance and ice in the mix, I could not get out. Fortunately for me, a dude named Brian (who is, ironically, from Florida) and some guy with a coffee cup helped me clear away all the problematic snow/ice/stuff, and they even pushed the Tomato out with the strength of three dudes.

So, as most of you have figured out by now, in August, I moved to a basement apartment with a water problem and a free mushroom farm. My patience with it finally expired sometime in November, so management offered the opportunity to transfer to another (probably drier) apartment on a different side of the complex. I took a quick look at the unit, and saw that the apartment was nicer, drier, and had much less evidence of recent bug or mice invasions. It was in no way worse and was in many ways better, so I said to hell with it - I'm moving. Again. The timing of the offer worked out as my father, who was visiting for Thanksgiving, was able to resign the guarantor's agreement. I knew better than to ask him to help move furniture, however, so I set the move date for the next week - December 4th, 5th, and 6th.

It almost didn't happen, mostly due to my job (more on that story later) and also due to the fact that I was broke as heck. Miraculously, my mother and stepfather made a sudden and unexpected long distance trip to assist. They had even rented a U-Haul! When my stepfather and I drove to the station to pick up the truck, it was raining. By the time we left, it had begun to snow. By the time we were done, we were soaked through, tired as heck and pretty much anti-moving for like, at least five years. Without their help, I would not have been able to accomplish the transition.

Getting into a different unit turned out to be a great idea - as we shifted my belongings about, we discovered that the old apartment's issues were far more severe than we realized (and trust me, I knew of a lot of them). The first indicator we had was my bedroom furniture. Because it is antique, every piece of the set has metal wheels and endings on the legs. After we moved them out, I found that these metal parts had literally rusted into the carpet - something in the back wall or the back floor was leaking, and had been for some time. When I cleared out the bedroom closet, which shared that same back interior wall, it turned out that the paint was literally bubbling off the wall, and every crack was lined with rust. When I cleaned the hallway closet and emptied it of all storage containers, I found black mold growing on the back baseboards. Forget about all the wet spots we had figured out in the front of the apartment - something along the entire back wall was leaking!

I felt that I would be much drier in the new place. And then ...


Someone upstairs started doing dishes, which made my damn sink flood! I went from panic to pissed off to a state where I was somewhere between tears and laughter. Seriously? Really? Now?

The maintenance crew lives on site, so two guys arrived with a roto-rooter less than a half hour after my panicked call. Ironically, one of them just happened to be the same fellow who repaired the flooding wall unit in the old apartment on the day I moved in. "Water just follows you," he remarked. The repair process involved a roto-rooter, crawlspaces and losing parts in the pipes. We never really found the clog responsible for the trouble, but it hasn't done it again, so I assume they solved the problem.

So after I got all the towels and things rewashed from that experience, I was much drier and have remained so! Hooray!

And a final note - I've been on LJ for eight freaking years. That is an amazing duration not only for me, but for the internet in general, considering even that old stalwart Geocities is no longer in existence. I once had four or five sites there, I kid you not.

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