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What's so great about the Rocky Horror Picture Show? o_O

::bounces:: Ninaninanina! Nina! I had an idea! Let's make a group blog on Lunarstarr for you and all of the hostees, it'll be like a big ... something. ^_^;; Yeah!

Silvermask, you'll find this weird - it's actually *faster* playing RO on my 56k/aol connection. Weird, huh? o_O I mean, at school I'd have these horribly long waits while I transitioned between areas, but now it's almost a *poof* and I'm there. o_o

Oh!!! OH!!! I couldn't find the place in Geffen to buy a headband for Cecily (not that it matters, I don't think I have enough money anyway), so I decided to commit suicide by walking into that thingie in the middle of town.


I wished heartily that I had my acolyte there.

THEN, I would have been just FINE, but as I was attacking one thing a poison spore came up behind me and hit me in the back. lol

I think the people leveling up outside of Geffen are the rudest. Or maybe that's just because there are so damn many there ... I practically died when a Willow I killed dropped a set of Wooden Armor and then all these Porings descended on me, and then a bunch of people following the Porings. o_o;;;

I accidentally walked into a warp created by an Acolyte with my thief Poppy. Cripes, that was so frickin' weird. o_o I wound up in this green field with a bunch of portals (kind of reminded me of a dark version of the {SPOILER} moon on Majora's Mask {/SPOILER} ... I think it said "Forest Maze" or something. Anyway, I finally managed to find a succession of portals which did not lead me into a small area with a zombie-thing and a bear, but which after awhile led me straight to death. o_o; I fully loaded, the screen became clear, and there was the little screen that pops up when you die. lol No clue what hit me, but I did take some screenshots after I got over the shock. o_O


I've gotten two copies of the Episode II soundtrack for my birthday. o_O If I get two more, I'll have all four different covers I guess, but right now the second is merely redundant. ^^;

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