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I'd been ignoring the latest Idiot Light on my car, mostly because it didn't seem to stop the Super Tomato from running, and I didn't have the cash for it anyway. Yesterday, however, it started beeping at me about oil a thousand miles before it usually does. When I pulled out the dipstick, I was pretty shocked to find that there was nothing on the damn thing. No oil? Where's it going? I dumped four bottles of oil into it and when I couldn't find any obvious leak, I drove it to a mechanic specializing in Volkswagens.

When I mentioned that I was a displaced Hoosier and told him where I was raised, he started talking immediately about local things like Touchdown Jesus and US 31. He knew what the numbers on my license plate meant. He knew where the small town of Rochester was. He knew about former car makers in Indiana. I had to ask if he was from the state, just to make sure ... I mean, everybody knows Notre Dame, right? The car knowledge could be because he's a mechanic ... maybe. Well duh, Anne, he's also from Indiana! He calls the shop the "Hoosier Embassy." Apparently there are more of us out here than I realized.

And again, which seems to be a pretty standard thing for most of us Midwesterners out here, he talked about how different people are. While he didn't say that he hated the place, he did mention how folks think that because Midwesterners are nice, they can be pushed around. It seems that Midwesterners and East Coasters may never see eye to eye. Personally, I will never, ever understand or agree with the whole city mouse/country mouse schtick. People from the country aren't all clueless idiots, and city folk certainly don't know all the shit they claim to. I also don't think people are that much different from state to state, much less region to region. Sparkletown feels very, very alien in many ways, sure, and the general attitude isn't quite the same, but the people are pretty much like people anywhere. They go about their business and care mostly about themselves, and are no better or worse.

Anyway, the results are in from their examination, and it's not good.

Diagnostics: $42.50
Replace spark plugs and engine air filter: $180
Replace ignition coil and wires: $450
Change oil: $40
Replace valve cover gasket and oil cap: $200

I can't afford any of this, and I may be feeling numbed by my general brokeness, so I haven't even cried about it. In fact I'm just going to continue to be dumbfounded by the timing. I think I shall take this moment to post my latest favorite things from the internet. They are, of course, mostly LOLCATS.


National Geographic Kitty

Worst Pool Party

Hammies Yay!

They're coming to put in a new kitchen sink/countertop in about thirty minutes, so I must run and clear the space out. (The new sink has been sitting in my living room for about a week now. They brought it in when the power was out, so they couldn't exactly install it then ... and after that, well, all things are summed up by snow.)

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