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The Good Stuff in a short version with short sentences

So I suppose I feel secure enough to admit that I managed to land a new job as a trainer/instructor for a company that teaches different software and IT thinguses.

The thing that's strange is that I think they might actually be relatively sane.

... a non-crazy workplace? Me? What? Really?

As far as I can determine, the challenges are going to be 1.) not enough instructors, so the class load builds up fast, and 2.) traveling to/from client sites.

But they're not crazy. And I'm making almost twice as much as I did in Pittsburgh. And they're not crazy. And they've bought me tatertots! (Guess I'm a cheap date after all.)

I need a new wardrobe. The only problem is I'm pretty much fashion challenged and can't wear heels 'cause 1.) my feet are wimps, and 2.) I'm going to be standing all day teaching. Any helpful hints?

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