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It is probably no surprise that I think this dress is awesome. Too bad it costs more than I'm worth!


Candy Corn

I have been thinking about my websites quite a bit lately, and have made several changes.

First, I've taken down Linelike. I haven't been updating it for a few years now, and was more or less using it for photo storage. (Linelike is also apparently hard to hear clearly.) Accordingly my cosplay site is out for the count, but I'm okay with that. ACP and are free, and have more built in networking than my little rarely updated site could ever incorporate or produce. (How often did I update that damn thing anyway? Possibly close to never?) So after days of puzzling out a new domain name (which is surprisingly hard these days), Erika came through and had the winning idea.

I've gone through and picked out my favorite photographs from 2006 to the present. You can access them at

I have also recreated my blog and its associated gallery at

Most of my old photography posts here on LJ don't work at this moment in time. Oh well. I'm debating whether or not it is worth the effort to go through and relink them, considering that I chose not to reupload all of them in the first place. My portfolio still needs work, and that's probably more important.

In other news, maxineofarc and I walked almost all the way around the zoo, and probably halfway through it, too. During this expedition, she said she couldn't remember me taking a single picture! I say that's odd, given how I used her as a tripod for at least two. Let's see the evidence that I finally dragged off my camera:


Cherry Blossom

Juggling Dude

I swear to God getting the last picture right was impossible and I gave up. I seriously wanted a shot where the bowling ball and tennis racket were in the air (bonus points for all three being airborne), but getting that without a tourist in the shot was not happening in my lifetime. I had to crop somebody's butt out of this shot.

I am waiting for my Dirty Jobs 4th Season box set to arrive. "I don't see what could possibly go wrong." What I want to know is this: if the 1st season has less than half of the time on it than the 2nd, 3rd and 4th all do, then why does it cost the same amount?
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