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... damn looters in RO. Damn EXP thiefs. I mean, come on. It's taking me damn near forever to level up my thief because little things like Pickies and Chonchons don't do much for her in the way of EXP, but she can't take hits so bigger things are out of the question, and frankly it takes LONGER when asses come up and decide to oh so generously help me with one or two of everything, even PORINGS. PORINGS! LITTLE PINK PORINGS! Don't tell me to increase her dodge ability. I already want to increase her frickin' dodge ability even more. But in order to do that, I have to level up!

It's even worse when I decide that I need to buy some better defensive stuff for my thief so she can at least pretend to take hits, or maybe even splurge and get goggles. She currently has a leather jacket and a pair of sandals, the best I could afford. I spent pretty much everything I had to get her a better weapon so she could actually start doing some damage with what little double-hit whatever it is she has. So basically, I don't have near enough money, and its going to take everything I can pick up to sell. Imagine how I feel when somebody marches right on up and brazenly TAKES MY DROPS while I'm STANDING RIGHT THERE, defending those very drops by fighting off an army of Porings!

GAH! -_-

I'll probably delete this entry later. Or something. Where are the cool people on RO? Sometimes you meet 'em, most of the time you don't. -_- Blah.

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