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Peep Snap

Actually taken at the end of July, sometime after 6 a.m., on an overcast morning with a regular point and shoot. Had to be significantly lightened in Photoshop, but I felt it was worth saving, because, dood, graffiti Peeps! What if I never find them again?

She's Cute and She Knows It

I love it when kitties curl their paws up.

One for the I'm Not Moving Club

Another one for the "I'm Not Moving and there's Nothing You Can Do to Make Me" Club.

First Time I've Seen This

First time I've seen a set of rowhouses put to this particular use.

Fountain Source

Water stream.

Fountain Source

I really, really wanted to jump in, but I saw no one over four feet tall doing so. That, and I had a camera.

Over Labor Day weekend, the muscles in my left hip joint popped in a New and Exciting Way, which meant that although the weather was gorgeous, I did not get very far, and did not take as many photos as I would have liked. Fortunately, it has been improving gradually over this week, so as the weather out here cools, I hope to be out and about on weekends more often. My one camera is still busted, but I relocated all the cords and bits and parts for the "rubber band camera" that I received back in May of 2006, so I'm a slight notch above ye olde point and shoot once again. I hope to invest in a digital SLR sometime in the future, probably in the next two years.
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