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This is my post at the LJ community for Ragnarok Online -

Lately people have been looting my drops with a greater and greater frequency. I decided this afternoon to ask for my stuff back, and I wound up having a brief conversation that made me sad.

Poppy : Excuse me.
Poppy : Ilya, that was my drop you picked up.
Poppy : ::sigh::
Ilya : so?
Poppy : That's looting.
Poppy : Not nice.
Poppy : I'd appreciate it if you gave it back.
Ilya : i agree, but that's the game
Poppy : No, that's not the game.
phenix-- : no help!!!!
Poppy : That's the player being mean.
phenix-- : go away
Ilya : here i am absolutly different personality
Poppy : Why?
Poppy : Just because "it's a game"?
Ilya : because of the game
Ilya : yeah!!! now u got it!!!
Ilya : smart guy!
Poppy : Uh-huh.

While we were conversing, user phenix-- was killing a PecoPeco Egg nearby. Sadly, two people were "helping" though he did not want that and said so.

I find it really difficult to understand this mentality. I don't understand why or how people can consider it all fine and dandy when they're mean to other people, cheat other people, or hurt other people. I don't see why you are allowed to behave differently "just because it's a game." There are people behind those sprites, the same people you encounter in real life. The freedom of anonymity your character provides you shouldn't give you reason to be unkind.

I always try to be a nice player. I don't help other people kill things unless it's my team, I've been asked to, or we're just a bunch of people working together to kill something which is above us individually. I never purposely pick up other people's drops. If I did, I would certainly give it back immediately once I realized my mistake. I don't curse (unless you count the word "closer" or "stuffage" profanity). I don't insult other users. I always try to be polite. Why can't other people extend the same courtesy?

Sometimes I have a great time playing RO. These are the hours when I find people who will just sit around and chat with me aimlessly, regardless of the time. We'll get up and kill something that comes near us, and then sit back down to talk some more. We take trips to places just so that we can say we've been there. We have fun together, and if one of us dies, everybody waits for that person to walk all the way back from their respawn point. Leveling up is a treat, not a primary goal. There are no complaints.

But sometimes I don't have fun with RO, and the mean people make me sad, or angry. I just don't understand them. -_-

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