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A few months back, I realized that I've been keeping a journal, in one form or another, for over ten years. While much of it is on Livejournal, there are also quite a few notebooks/diaries/random papers scattered here and there, so I'm starting a project to gather the decent stuff together. (a.k.a., I'm leaving out the quiz results!) So far, I'm still in the process of copy/pasting stuff from LJ by quickly skimming year by year. For all the "What? Me? Post?" I've had going on in the past couple of years, I wrote a ton of crap in 2002. The unedited copy for that year is something like 75 pages, and I know I cut out a lot of the internet-fluff already.

p.s., I've added a lot of crap to my site, Anne Works. For example:

For Example

Gotta dash!

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