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Whee. I get to report for surgery bright and early tomorrow morning at 7:45. After midnight tonight (in about fifteen minutes by this clock), I can't have anything other than water, and I probably won't be having anything but water and ice for awhile after the surgery. ^_^; Thanks for all your well wishes. I should be fine, this surgeon's cut me up before. ^_^

We got in a car accident on the way home this afternoon! It was entirely the other lady's fault, but our truck may be totaled. o_o The entire driver's side is pretty banged up (enough so that the police officer kind of laughed and said, "yeah, now that's a dent" or something like that). Nobody was hurt (in fact I was asleep at the time it happened, appropriately enough), and I drew a nice doodle of the motel sign that was down the hill we nearly got pushed over. ^^; Now, onto the main business of the day.

On Saturday, I came up with an idea for a webcomic ...

The Seven Ducks of Deadly Sin!
Can you handle this quack?

HEY! This untitled webcomic needs you. Yep, that's right, you. As we all know, Sakaki's a basket case on her own. She needs somebody to help/kick her over a plot/title/etc., or else this thing will never ever ever have a point, other than to show off the Decadant Ducks. And we wouldn't want the Seven Ducks of Deadly Sin to go undiscovered by this world, would we? Didn't think so. Help the ducks because they are like a Greek Chorus, and cannot help themselves. Remember - friends don't let ducks push buttons.

Anybody wanna help me? lol

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