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Excuse any typos, I'm not wearing my glasses since I can't get them over my bandage (which seems kind of like a cross between the one Ragnarok headpiece and one of Queen Amidala's not-as-space consuming headpieces.

I was at the surgical center from 7:30 until about 1:30, had an half-hour drive home, and slept the rest of the afternoon (which is why I'm up so damn early this morning). They kept on telling me over and over again how good care they were going to take of me, and I really did feel like saying "hey, don't worry, I trust ya, you know what needs to be done," but all that didn't come out at once.

They have a new thing (as copared to the last time I had surgery), in which they give you the go-to-sleep drugs via an IV, rather than gas (or they may have given me gas after the IV ...) i felt nauseated for a moment, then was out like a light (as promised repeatedly). When I woke back up ... damn, damn. I have learned an entirely new level of the word "parched." That, and my throat were the worst things. They had to stick a breathing tube down my throat, so afterwards I was coughing up blood and plegmk (and probably eating it too - blood, mucus, and ice crumbs!). There was a cute guy next to me named James, but he didnt look capable of responding to a hello and my throat wouldn't manage one loud enough to get over to him, so oh well.

I tried my best to be a great patient, but I stopped doing so hot after they moved me to secondary recovery. I felt nauseated so they gave me another dose of "anti-nausea" medicine ... which I guess did the trick, because I'm fine now in that regard. they also gave me this patch thing to help prevent nausea, and I'm supposed to leave that on until Friday.

I can't take a shower until maybe sometime next week. T_T;

My first meal when I woke up around six p.m. was jello, bits of chicken, and more water. Then I went back to sleep. We "watched" the Nightmare Before Christmas, but rather I knew it so well by heart that all I had to do was hear what was going on, and I knew exactly hnow they were moving on the screen.

So I'm doing okay now. ^_^ It'll probably be another day of rest for me, I'm not supposed to do much (sneezing and/or hiccuping hurts!). But I am alive!

And Nina, I gotta figure out why I can't seem to join the group blog ... Blogger keeps on telling me that I don't have cookies or Javascript enabled when I could have sworn that I do, so I'll have to check that out again later today. Tralala. ^^
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